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The inCrowd – inMotion Raving Fans

“We did a lot of research, with other organizations, I even reached out to other teams to see what systems they were using, and in the end, inMotion was a great balance between what we needed, the cost, and the benefits.”

Cassidee Owens, Creative Services Manager, Denver Broncos

“The onboarding process with inMotion I just consider to be A+ because it was fantastic! They learned so much about us and how we wanted the system to work. They really helped us set up the platform to where we needed it to go.”

Kelly Moulis, Operations Supervisor, Vision Service Plan

“I love the renotify function, and I love that I can send a comment. I can say ‘I’m renotifying you because this needs to go to print tomorrow’, or ‘This needs to go to print in a few days, and the designer needs time to make any edits you would like’ and that ability is really important.”

Courtney Brown, Creative Projects Manager, Minnesota Timberwolves

“One of my biggest issues was that the team wasn’t using our old system. And the reason why they weren’t using those systems was that they weren’t built for a creative team. They like to see things that are visually appealing and easy to use. Now that we are actually using our system, we have become more efficient. We’ve gained more projects and are able to hit those deadlines day in and day out.”

Erica Fresh, Creative Director, ZAGG

“The biggest impact inMotion has had on our team is the ability to see in real-time where the proof is and being able to review everyone’s feedback in a real-time, live, web-based system.”

Jim Etherson, Creative Services Project Manager, Hershey