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Marketing Teams

Streamline Your Creative Process to Fuel Triumphant Campaigns

Marketing Workflow Management Software that Marketing Teams Love.

Want to solve the bottlenecks slowing time to market? Make new creative requests and review content quickly with marketing workflow management software designed to increase efficiency.

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Request Creative Work With A Few Clicks

It’s fast and easy to give creative teams the information they need to deliver content that exceeds expectations

  • Make and track creative project requests in one simple online portal.

  • It’s fast and easy to fill out customizable request forms with radio buttons, checkboxes, and attachments.

  • Automated notifications keep the process moving and everyone in sync.

Stay Up-to-Date Without Chasing Statuses

Get the visibility you need to easily track how your creative projects are progressing at any given time

  • Unlock improved collaboration between marketing and creative teams by bringing all related projects together in a single view.

  • Access project priority, statuses, and schedules in one central dashboard

  • Easily keep track of work with customized in-app notifications and custom work groups within projects.

Campaign Management for inMotion ignite

All the Project Management Tools You Need to Keep Creative Work on Track

Easily manage your team's resources, timelines, and workflows with intuitive project management

  • Set up Dependencies between related tasks to ensure that work is completed in a standardized progression flow, and increase visibility between connected teams

  • Easily balance workloads and increase team efficiency with Scheduling

  • Match the right tasks to the right users with custom tags like skill or department

Hassle-Free Creative Review Cycles

Reach consensus, drive approval, and get to market faster

  • Customizable routing workflow management ensures the right reviewers see the right proofs

  • Version control and audit trails of feedback and sign-offs increase accountability

Deliver Better Feedback

Review creative content quickly with marketing workflow management software’s online tool for proofing

Learn from the Numbers and Get More Done

Easily access powerful reporting to keep creative operations running smoothly

  • Built-in and customizable reports give you access to metrics that matter to your team

  • Control report access with flexible permissions, subscriptions, and automated updates

  • Visualize data and assess workflow trends with management dashboards

You’re only one click away from empowering your team with a better workflow.

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Prior to inMotion, we really didn’t have a unified system in place. The biggest impact inMotion has had has really been in terms of efficiency. Getting us all on the same page, helping us have systems and processes that we can all buy in to, and making sure that we are all doing things in the same, unified way.

Jesse Fien, VP Marketing and Creative Services, Bright Horizons