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An easy way to review and approve email – so you can reach more inboxes, faster!

The only tool that lets you get feedback and approvals on print, web, video, and email content in a single solution.

No more managing the review process with confusing email threads where nothing is tracked, comments get lost,  and version control is out of control. Instead, inMotion takes the review process out of your inbox so you can get email approved faster, and hit the send button sooner.

Get hands on and mark up our new email-only sample proof today!

From Email to Proof in Seconds

Send test emails directly from your email marketing solution to inMotion, where it’s converted to a proof to be routed for review and approval.

Get the Right Eyes on Emails

Customize your proof routing so the right reviewers automatically see your email at the right point in the approval process.

Give Reviewers the Context They Need

Reviewers can view and approve critical information – like subject line, send date, and audience – alongside the email body.


Manage Multiple Emails with Minimal Effort

Keep track of all email proofs with quick visibility into which reviewers have returned feedback and which are still pending.

Test Without the Stress

Built-in version control makes it easy to stay on the same page while reviewing different tests of the same email.

Collaborate in Context

inMotions’ intuitive online review environment makes it easy to markup emails just like a printed proof, while threaded comments and @mentioning let reviewers collaborate to reach consensus on feedback faster.


It was critical that any solution we implemented be simple to manage so that I could let my designers focus on design.

Senior Manager of Multimedia Productions, Arizona Diamondbacks

Prior to inMotion, we really didn’t have a unified system in place. The biggest impact inMotion has had has really been in terms of efficiency. Getting us all on the same page, helping us have systems and processes that we can all buy in to, and making sure that we are all doing things in the same, unified way.

Jesse Fien, VP Marketing and Creative Services, Bright Horizons

… my creative team has gone from taking on maybe 100 projects a year to about 600. We were growing so fast, we needed to increase accountability and shorten project time to meet the overall organizational objectives. We used to manage our workflow with just a simple spreadsheet and an internal system—but we quickly saw that wasn’t working for us anymore.

Michael Johnson, Creative Director

…we needed the solution to have a zero learning curve to ensure widespread adoption.

Manager of Production, Choice Hotels International

We chose inMotion because it was intuitive and easy to use, and didn’t require a great deal of technical knowledge.

Rich Carver, Senior Regulatory Scientist, Dupont

It used to take 2-3 weeks to route items throughout the team. Now we’re down to 2-3 days. This is a HUGE goal that we’ve achieved.

Jamie Orndorff, Project Manager, Edward Marc

For so long, our in-house creative team has relied on an archaic system to meet deadlines and complete projects. As we continue to grow, we are so excited to finally digitize our workflow to increase productivity and efficiency.

Amy Ruffo, AVP of Creative Operations, Kiehl's

We use inMotion to route our packaging labels and marketing collateral for review and approval before releasing the final artwork to our vendors. It’s a cost effective tool that helps organize workflow and track our progress to help ensure we hit our tight deadlines.

Melissa Mansfield, Senior Graphic Designer, Prestone

My designers absolutely love it, they don’t have to leave Adobe, and they don’t have to jump between platforms to upload a proof. They get to stay in their world and streamline the administrative parts of their job.

Ann Thomas, Scheduling Manager

We have an influx of about 300 projects a year, and when I first joined the team, the briefing process was literally a form that would get faxed over. There was no strategic intake. inMotion has allowed our team to scale with the organization, and also easily report on our growth.

Rachael Silva, Director of Creative Services, New York Public Library

inMotion had an implementation plan that let us get up and running smoothly. Their onboarding team helped us quickly adopt the new automated workflow solution and learn the extent of the application’s capabilities.”

Laura Snyder, Creative Services Manager, Pep Boys

inMotion fits the way we work… not the other way around.

David Dupont, Senior Production Manager, Pratt

We selected inMotion because of the built-in and customizable creative briefing capabilities. We were also really impressed with the customer service of inMotion. Many of our suggestions for enhancements have been incorporated into recent builds. It’s great to see a company take their customers’ feedback as opportunities for improvement.

Trish Olives, Creative Services Manager, YETI

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