Workflow Checkup

by Chris Trauzzi August 6, 2017 0 comment
Workflow Checkup

See if Your Team’s Workflow Makes the Grade

Take the 3-minute Workflow Checkup, then watch for an email containing your team’s Workflow Checkup Results. You’ll find out where your workflow is costing you time and resources. You’ll be able to see the issues, as well as receive tips on how you can improve the health of your workflow immediately.

easily manage projects

The Workflow Checkup Covers the following four areas:

  1. Job Requests & Kickoff: How your team processes incoming project requests and assigns resources and priorities
  2. Project Management: How your team monitors the status of projects and deadlines
  3. Review & Approval Process: How well your team manages the routing of proofs for review and maintaining version control
  4. Metrics & Reporting: How your team tracks key performance metrics to improve productivity

Take the 3-minute Workflow Check-up!

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