3 Ways Campaign Management Brings Marketing and Creative Closer

by Elise Hauser April 15, 2019 0 comment
3 Ways Campaign Management Brings Marketing and Creative Closer

Marketing and creative teams are better together. By bringing all related projects together in a single view, marketing teams can more effectively manage complex, multichannel initiatives in harmony with their creative partners.

When Marketing and Creative teams work together, they can do amazing things. Unfortunately, as the 2019 In-House Creative Management Report found, only 51% of creatives report that they have a strong, collaborative relationship with their marketing counterparts. They key to improving collaboration and bringing marketing and creative closer together is a robust creative workflow and, specifically, streamlined campaign management. The newest feature in inMotion ignite, the next generation of creative workflow, Campaign Management, is the key to unlocking improved collaboration between marketing and creative teams. Read on for three ways Campaign Management brings marketing and creative closer:

  1. Campaign Views
  2. Campaign Requests
  3. Campaign Reporting

Campaign Views
One of the biggest challenges marketing teams face when they are working on large projects is keeping all the related work organized. Marketing needs to be able to get a high-level view of a campaign and its progress towards the deadline. Having a single place to go to see everything on one screen is crucial for keeping campaigns on track to hit deadlines. The Campaign View in inMotion ignite allows project managers and marketers to see all the key information for a single campaign at-a-glance, and gives marketing an inclusive and holistic overview of their campaign. From this view marketers can quickly view the overall campaign status or deep-dive into individual projects and deliverables in one click.

This view is equally important for the creative team. While they may not have the same needs around tracking progress, showing the creatives working on the campaign how individual projects or work items rolls up into the overall campaign is crucial to provide context and empower the creative team to develop the best creative to meet the objective of the work. By bringing all related projects together in a single view, marketing and creative teams can more effectively manage complex, multichannel initiatives and collaborate in harmony.

Campaign Requests
When it comes to working with stakeholders on large campaigns, proper campaign management and campaign request intake is crucial. The last thing you want as a marketer or project manger is a client or stakeholder submitting dozens of related requests ad hoc, or worse, becoming confused and frustrated about which forms and deliverables they need to submit requests for. By leveraging Campaign Requests, stakeholders can have an easier time submitting requests for all their deliverables in one form, and project managers and marketers can easily keep all the work organized and grouped together.

When requesters submit a Campaign Request, they are able to submit one form that contains all the necessary information for every project and deliverable in the campaign. Project managers set up campaign forms by indicating which deliverables are appropriate for each type of project. For example, a campaign request form for a trade show would contain deliverable options such as “Event Booth”, “Social Media Images”, and “Swag”. As the requester fills out the form, they can select each required deliverable from the pre-populated list, and provide the necessary information for that deliverable. Additionally, requesters are confined to the pre-defined list, so they can’t add unrelated deliverables to a campaign.

When the project manager or marketer goes in to accept the request they are able to generate a project from a template for each deliverable in the request. These projects will all live together in the campaign.

Campaign Reporting
For busy teams with multiple campaigns running at once, it is crucial to have a birds-eye view of everything your team is working on. With Campaign Reporting, project managers can go beyond the Campaign View to see all campaigns at once, along with statuses, due dates, team assignments, and campaign duration to ensure that your team is on track to hit deadlines. Reporting on campaigns has a wide variety of applications, from allowing project managers to view a custom dashboard of current ongoing projects, to enabling marketing and creative teams to report to executive leadership. Reporting also helps team optimize their workflows by learning from past projects how long certain types of work take, as well as the optimal amount of resources needed to hit the deadlines for key deliverables.

As more organizations continue to bring more of their creative work in-house, marketing and creative teams will need to continue to find ways to work better together. By leveraging creative workflow solutions with key features such as campaign management, they can build more collaborative relationships and increase efficiency to get creative work into market faster.

Learn how Campaign Management in inMotion ignite can help your marketing and creative team be better together.

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