2020 In-House Creative Management Report

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2020 In-House Creative Management Report

A New Decade Brings New Challenges and Opportunities for In-House Creative Teams

The 2020 In-House Creative Management Report is here!

Now in its third year, the 2020 In-House Creative Management Report is a partnership between InSource and inMotionNow. The report combines survey results from over 600 creative and marketing professionals with insights from leaders in the creative and marketing industry to take a deep dive into the trends and challenges encountered by creative and marketing teams in 2020.

The report includes key findings from the survey, best practices from industry leaders, and actionable takeaways to help creative teams navigate their expanding role within their organizations.

Creative Teams are Expanding their roles in 2020

One of the most exciting findings of the 2020 Report is that creative teams and creative work are increasingly valued by the business. As businesses gain a greater appreciation of the creative team, they are asking them to take on new areas of responsibility.

2/3 of creative teams report that they are being asked to take on new responsibilities.

“Taking on new responsibilities is part and parcel of becoming a more strategic partner to the business. This is a sign of maturity for in-house teams.” – Kim Conder

Other Key Findings from the Report

  • 71% of in-house creative teams handle 75%+ of the organization’s creative work
  • 89% of survey respondents say creative work is important to meeting business objectives
  • 47% of creative teams spend a full day each week on admin tasks

Take Your Seat at the Strategic Table

The expanding role of creative teams bring both new opportunities and new challenges for in-house creative teams. Download the 2020 In-House Creative Management Report to get key insights and best practices to guide your team into the new decade.

We want to hear from you! The 2021 Creative Management Survey is here.

Download the report!

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