2019 Creative Management Report Infographic

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2019 Creative Management Report Infographic

Challenges & Payoffs Infographic!

“Bringing creative in-house promises greater efficiencies and higher quality creative work, but organizations can’t just bolt on a creative team and expect miracles”

The 2019 In-House Creative Management Report surveyed over 500 creative and marketing professionals working on in-house creative teams to uncover industry trends and the top challenges facing creative teams. The report uncovered not only the key challenges that in-house creative teams face, but also the payoffs they can expect from addressing those challenges, including greater collaboration, increased efficiency, and higher quality creative work.

Download the infographic to discover key challenges and payoffs from the 2019 In-House Creative Management Report!

Here are some key insights from the report:

  • Creative teams that have strong collaborative relationships with their stakeholders are 22% more likely to spend less than 8 hours a week on admin tasks.
  • 72% of creatives report that “obtaining the necessary information to get started on a project” is the biggest administrative task that soaks up creative time.
  • 19% of creatives say that their organization does not measure the impact of creative.

“When you reach a higher level of understanding between creative and marketing, the entire organization can harmonize like a symphony. The quality and turnaround time of creative work is incredibly more effective. It sparks greater creativity: if you have a deeper understanding of the purpose, you are in a better position to find a creative solution to achieve it.”
Timm Chiusano, VP Production & Creative Services at Kernel, created by Spectrum Reach

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