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Creative Workflow Management for Insurance

Protect your brand, meet compliance requirements, and increase profitability by streamlining your creative production process.

Creatives at insurance companies face increasing demand for content. Unfortunately, many of these teams are stuck using outdated legacy tools. In many cases, requests for creative work come from multiple departments or independent agents. A creative workflow solution can help creative teams at insurance companies turn projects around quickly while maintaining security standards and compliance requirements.

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Meet Market Demand While Ensuring Compliance

Get creative assets out the door quickly while ensuring and maintaining an audit trail of approvals.

  • Proof routing templates ensure that every proof is reviewed and digitally signed-off on by all the necessary reviewers.

  • Version control, audit trails of feedback & sign-offs, and unique job numbers increase accountability and helps your team prepare for audits, such as DOI audits.

  • Easily ensure any regulatory or legal compliance requirements with required approval steps.

  • Build Compliance Reports so that the compliance team can verify that all proofs go through the correct routing, review and approval compliance protocol.

Share Work Securely

Protect your work and your brand by controlling what clients see, while working securely in the cloud.

  • Unlimited reviewers and requesters see only what you want them to see, protecting confidentiality and trade secrets.

  • Track the status of all proofs to see returned feedback or reviews still pending.

  • Work securely in the cloud with User Authentication, Single Sign On (SSO), and SSL encryption on all uploaded files.

  • Secure Review Access and Secure Review Submission ensures that only authorized users are able to review and sign-off on proofs.

Kick Off Projects Right the First Time

Jumpstart new projects with an accessible request intake portal and customizable templates.

  • Give your clients an online portal to easily make and track requests

  • Customize request forms with radio buttons, checkboxes, and attachments

  • Automatically route requests for authorization before new work begins

Intuitive Creative Workflow

One easy hub for managing projects across your team makes it easy to stay updated on tasks, timelines, resources, and more.

  • Access project priority, statuses, and schedules in one central dashboard

  • Get better visibility into your assigned work with personalized project workspaces

  • Easily balance workloads, manage tasks, and bulk shift deadlines

Take the Hassle Out of Routing Content for Review

End the chase for approvals with creative workflow management software for proofing

  • Customize routing workflows to get design proofs to the right reviewers in the right order

  • Increase accountability with version control and audit trails of feedback and sign-offs

  • Track the status of all proofs to see returned feedback or reviews still pending

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