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Form Template Builder for inMotion ignite

Form Template Builder empowers inMotion ignite users to create, edit, and manage request forms themselves. Get hands-on with forms to design and experiment with your own form designs.

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Create Forms

Start from scratch to design and build custom forms that contain all the information your team needs to get started on projects. Fields can include checkboxes, date, dropdown, text, numbers, multi-select, and radio buttons. You can also format with columns, sections, and static text to provide instructions to requesters. Give your requesters the option to attach files, set a due date, or associate the request with a campaign. Finally, include any of your custom fields on the form for a truly bespoke experience.

Manage Forms

Once you’ve built a form template, duplicate and edit it to fit it to your team’s needs. Control who is assigned as a member on submitted forms and publish forms on your schedule. Fine tune metadata on your forms, like who can accept a request, what project templates should be associated with a form, and which tags should be applied to requests submitted with the form.


Start building your own forms right away! With its easy-to-use interface, you’ll be an expert form builder in no time. Easily drag and drop fields to add and organize the fields on the form. Use the preview feature to check out how the form will look before publishing. Have a form you already love? Save time by duplicating it and using it as a jumping off point for new forms.

Test and Concept New Ideas

Have a new idea for a form? Use the Form Template Builder to concept and test ideas before launching. With the ability to quickly create and edit forms, you can play around with new ideas and get feedback before launching the form to all your stakeholders.