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Learn how creative teams simplify every aspect of their workflow, from request to review and approval, with inMotionNow.

Workflow Management Software Reduces Mistakes “With inMotion, we’ve shortened our approval cycle by 50%, decreasing time-to-market for promotions from 10 days to 5 days while reducing costly mistakes.” Learn More
Impressive Customer Service Is Open To Feedback “We were also really impressed with the customer service of inMotion. Many of our suggestions for enhancements have been incorporated into recent builds. It’s great to see a company take their customers’ feedback as opportunities for improvement.”
Easy To Use And Implement “We chose inMotion because it was intuitive and easy to use, and didn’t require a great deal of technical knowledge.”
Improved Control And Project Visibility “We knew that a workflow technology solution could help us improve control over our process and get better visibility into our projects.”
Simple Interface Has Positive User Response “Our production task force ultimately selected inMotion for its streamlined interface and ease of use. The user response has been overwhelmingly positive.”
Cost Effective Workflow Management Software “inMotion is a cost effective tool that helps organize workflow and track our progress to help ensure we hit our tight deadlines.”
Simple & Intuitive Software “It was critical that any solution we implemented be simple to manage so that I could let my designers focus on design.”
Not Just Project Management Software “We’ve been very pleased with our experience with the inMotionNow team. Their responsiveness during implementation and their insight into workflow best practices has added value above and beyond the features of the application.” Learn More
Streamlined Time Management & Accountability “We really didn’t have a sense of how much time we were spending on each project. We would have a general feeling of where we were spending our energy, but we really didn’t know and couldn’t account.” Learn More
Versatile Range Of Creative Brief Offerings “We selected inMotion because of the built-in and customizable creative briefing capabilities.”
Software for Proofing Makes Feedback Easier “I was tasked with finding ways to increase productivity and efficiency in the creative department. Looking at our workflow, it was clear that the biggest opportunity for improvement was in proofing. inMotion was simple to use not only for my team but also for the other departments in the organization, who love how much easier it is to provide feedback with the online review interface.”
Faster And More Efficient Creative Review Process “We were looking to cut back on paper approvals and make the review process more efficient.”
Unified System Makes Creative Easier “Prior to inMotion, we really didn’t have a unified system in place. The biggest impact has been in terms of efficiency: Helping us have systems and processes in place that we all buy into and making sure we are all doing things in the same, unified way.”
Onboarding Was Quick And Smooth “inMotion had an implementation plan that let us get up and running smoothly. Their onboarding team helped us quickly adopt the new automated workflow solution and learn the extent of the application’s capabilities.”
Paving the Path for Agile Workflow “Our team is transitioning to becoming more agile and data driven, and inMotion ignite is going to get us there.” Learn More