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Creative Workflow Management for Consumer Packaged Goods

Protect your brand and increase profitability by streamlining your creative go to market process.

CPG brands are facing increasing volume, velocity, and variety of marketing assets demanded. From more impactful and seasonal in-store promotions and product packaging, to real-time ecommerce optimization, creatives teams need to speed up turn around times while maintaining brand standards and compliance.

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Turn Projects Around Faster

Whether its seasonal promotional materials, Point of Sale collateral, or consumer packaging and label copy and artwork, speed up time to market to start generating and boost revenue today.

  • Custom intake forms get the creative team everything they need to the right creative team on the first submission.

  • Streamlined, efficient project management speeds up projects to avoid delays and confusion from inefficiency.

  • Online Review and Approval allows reviewers to submit feedback quickly and easily.

Improve the Brand Experience

Protect your brand by ensuring consistency and accuracy on all published content, from the copy on labels to the correct brand artwork.

  • Customized intake forms enable the creative team to make sure they have all the needed brand materials to complete a project.

  • Unlimited reviewers ensure that the right people approve copy and brand artwork before it goes live to avoid costly errors.

  • Easily ensure any regulatory or legal packaging compliance requirements with required approval steps.

Reduce Costly Errors

Move at the speed the market demands, while still mitigating the risk of packaging or promotional errors.

  • Set up proof routing templates to make sure every piece is approved by the correct person and verified for compliance.

  • Version control and audit trails of feedback and sign-offs increase accountability and reduce the likelihood of errors.

  • Track the status of all proofs to see returned feedback or reviews still pending.

  • Provide approvals on the go with the inMotion mobile review app.

Increase Profitability

Respond to customer needs more quickly by creating agile creative processes with existing resources.

  • Brands can get content to market faster to increase sales.

  • Lower the cost of creating content by getting reducing time spent on submitting briefs and reviewing proofs.

  • Reduce the risk of compliance errors leading to recalls or legal action.

You’re only one click away from empowering your team with a better workflow!

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For so long, our in-house creative team has relied on an archaic system to meet deadlines and complete projects. As we continue to grow, we are so excited to finally digitize our workflow to increase productivity and efficiency.

Amy Ruffo, AVP of Creative Operations, Kiehl's