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We are a right-sized company disrupting the Triangle's status quo.

The inMotionNow culture doesn’t just happen.
It’s intentional. It’s impactful. It’s differentiated.

Add Your Voice

Thoughtfully Candid

Free the feedback! We share common goals and, therefore, believe we have the obligation to think critically and contribute our expertise.

Everyone has a voice and should use it to communicate good and bad news equally.

We openly share thoughts and ideas. While always respectful, we are not intimidated by hierarchy or rank.

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Forge New Paths

Rooted in Reason, Courageous in Action

We roll up our sleeves, reach beyond the status quo, and convert ambiguity into clarity with grit and passion.

We focus our efforts on solving the problems with the highest impact and measure what matters with our “why” in mind.

We take time to reflect on how far we’ve traveled and share our experiences often so we can all learn from them, together.

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Commit & Own

Only You Own Your Impact

We say what we’ll do and follow through. We own our results and don’t place blame.

We prioritize and commit to processes and framework that set expectations, foster autonomy, and promote accountability.

We celebrate our wins and embrace our mistakes because that’s how we’ll continue to improve.

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Build Better Together

We’ll Always Achieve More as a Team

We draw from our diverse backgrounds and experiences to create a safe and constructive space where we can challenge ourselves to fight for greatness.

We recognize that our efforts are not about the individual or the individual team, but about our collective outcomes.

We cheer each other on, support one another across the finish line, and understand our contributions are mission-critical to the success of our teammates, customers, and stakeholders.

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Deliver Value Every Day

Share the #inmoloveđź’š

True #inmoloveđź’š starts from within – we prioritize each team member’s success and invest in an environment that promotes value, community, and growth.

In every role, we drive results that deliver value and #inmoloveđź’š to our teammates, customers, and stakeholders. Over time, these daily wins add up and help our customers and our business take enormous leaps forward.

We win when our customers become raving fans and partners – eager to help us create and share it with others.

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