Pratt Institute Case Story

An A+ Solution

Before inMotion, Pratt Institute’s Office of Communications and Marketing relied on a manual production process that just wasn’t making the grade.

In this Case Story, you’ll learn all about Pratt’s journey to the top of the class, thanks to inMotion.

The Challenges:

  • Inconsistent internal processes
  • Manual content review

 The Results:

  • Singular, streamlined workflow
  • Automated proof routing

Since implementing inMotion, Pratt’s Office of Communications and Marketing is earning top marks when it comes to productivity. They’re spending less time with processes–and more time with creative.

Class dismissed!

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Find out why inMotion is an A+ solution for Pratt.

What do users say about inMotion?

Impressed by how user-friendly and intuitive this software is

“Early adoption from users within our organization has been much easier compared to previous tools we’ve used internally for project management and online proofing.”

Automates almost every work step from tasks to proof routing

“This is a great tool for creative teams supporting fast moving companies responsible for lots of content types and serving lots of business units.”

Customer service is super helpful

“The customer service team is super helpful in helping customize the tool for customer needs and helping users discover features.”

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