Bright Horizons Testimonial

The Future is Bright for Bright Horizons using inMotion Creative Production

Before inMotion, Bright Horizons, a leading provider of work-life solutions, struggled to fix the inefficiencies brought on by their inconsistent and incomplete creative production process. “Our review process was a nightmare, because we didn’t have a review process,” explains Jessie Fien, VP, Marketing and Creative Services.

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Explore inMotion’s effect on each stage of Bright Horizons’ workflow

With inMotion you get:

inMotion Benefit
inMotion Benefit
inMotion Benefit

inMotion Features:

Project Requests

Request workspace
Online request forms
Required fields
Authorization management

Project Management

Project templates
Time & task tracking
Calendar view
Storage & DAM integration

Review & Approval

Intuitive markup tools
Review print, web, & video
Version control
iOS & Android review apps

Metrics & Reporting

Historical reports
Budget & cost tracking
Best practice reports
Custom reports
Customer Testimonials

“Rather than investing time and money into developing our own platform, implementing inMotion has allowed us to focus our IT resources on other business challenges.”

Production Manager, Design Group