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Marketing Teams

Get the Creative You Need to Fuel Triumphant Campaigns

Workflow Management that Works for Marketers.

More and better creative content, faster: A streamlined workflow makes getting all three easy, giving creative more bandwidth and enabling better collaboration from project kick-offs to completion.

Upgrade Your Email Marketing

Kick Off Projects Right the First Time

An easy way to give creative teams the information they need to deliver content that meets expectations.

  • Give your clients an online portal to easily request and track new creative work

  • Tailor request forms to your team’s workflow, making them easy to fill out and digest

  • Radio buttons, checkboxes, and attachments allow clients to easily provide the information your team needs

  • Automated notifications keep the process moving forward and everyone in sync

  • Automatically route requests for authorization before new work begins

Stay Up-to-Date on All Your Projects Without Chasing Statuses

Get the visibility you need to easily track how your projects are progressing at any given time.

  • Project dashboards give you a comprehensive view of the information you care about collected in one place.

  • Get at-a-glance visibility into your projects’ progress and task statuses with personalized Project Workspaces

Hassle-Free Review Cycles

Ensure the right eyes get on the right content, to gain consensus, drive approval and get it in market faster.

  • Automatically get proofs to the right reviewers at the right time with customizable routing workflows

  • Ensure everyone is on the same page with built-in version control

  • Capture audit trails of all feedback and sign-offs for increased accountability

  • Track the status of all proofs and see which reviewers have returned feedback and which are still pending

  • Provide approvals on the go with the inMotion mobile review app

Deliver Better Feedback

A simpler way to mark-up proofs, collaborate on feedback, and help creatives focus on actionable next steps

  • Get faster feedback from clients, who love how easy it is to mark up proofs in the intuitive review environment

  • Collect feedback on print, web, email and video assets in a single application

  • @mentioning and real-time collaboration to keep conversations moving forward quickly

  • Get hands on with the only tool that allows you to review and approve email marketing content.

    Mark up an email sample proof

Get the Insight You Need to Keep Creative Operations Running Smoothly

Comprehensive reporting makes it easy to triage trouble spots before they derail campaigns.

  • Make informed decisions about project requests and priorities with valuable analysis of your team’s progress

  • Run simple reports quickly to identify bottlenecks or bandwidth issues—and figure out how to solve them

You’re only one click away from empowering your team with a better workflow.

Let us show you the details.

Prior to inMotion, we really didn’t have a unified system in place. The biggest impact inMotion has had has really been in terms of efficiency. Getting us all on the same page, helping us have systems and processes that we can all buy in to, and making sure that we are all doing things in the same, unified way.

Jesse Fien, VP Marketing and Creative Services, Bright Horizons