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10 Benefits of Online Proofing

10 Benefits of Online Proofing

Change is hard. And within business organizations, change has to provide a noticeable benefit in order to be justified and adopted. Moving to an online proofing solution can seem particularly daunting, especially if you’re already using email and other tools to get feedback on content. So why change the way you’re managing reviews and approvals?

Here are ten good reasons to leave the status quo and adopt an online proofing solution:

  1. Avoid the inbox tangle
    It’s very common to use email to share content and feedback. But big files can clog up the server, and back-and-forth collaboration in email threads can quickly grow unmanageable. Online proofing keeps the conversation out of your email.
  2. No more FTP
    Sure, you can keep big files out of your inbox by using an FTP client. But FTP can be difficult to use and unreliable to access. An online proofing solution can be easily accessed from any browser, which reduces friction for your reviewers.
  3. Accessible anywhere
    Away from your desk? With online proofing you can review and approve it from any internet-enabled device, including mobile devices. Some online proofing solutions even provide apps for smart phones and tablets.
  4. Handles web pages and motion content
    Documents and graphics are relatively easy to share when compared to web pages, video, and Flash. These kinds of files present challenges when sending and displaying (size, software requirements) that an online proofing solution can eliminate.
  5. Easier reviewer interface
    Instead of relying on installed software to open a file for review, for online proofing all you need is a browser to access many different file types. And unlike opening a design file with image editing software, reviewers aren’t presented with distracting and unnecessary editing tools.
  6. Show, don’t tell
    When communicating feedback over email, a reviewer often has to describe what they are referring to before they can present a change request. An online proofing tool allows reviewers to easily show what they want changed, by marking up content just like they would a printout.
  7. All your proof info in one place
    Anyone using email to share and approve content has probably gone digging through their inbox looking for a specific file or feedback from a reviewer. Proofing online means you always know where your content and its approval status can be found.
  8. Version control
    The trouble with sending a file to multiple reviewers for feedback is that after a round or two of revision, it gets difficult to be sure that everyone’s looking at the same version. An online proofing solution guarantees that they are.
  9. Record of all feedback
    Going back to look for feedback in your inbox can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. A haystack that sometimes gets deleted. Most online proofing solutions offer archiving so you always have past markups available.
  10. Accountability
    All that centralization and accessibility that online proofing offers gives you one more advantage over email: accountability. Suddenly the who, what, and when of your content review and approval process becomes transparent, allowing you to find bottlenecks and trace a project’s evolution

While email is a flexible and vital tool in your business’s arsenal, it’s not always the best tool for the job. If the challenges above sound familiar, it might be time to consider adopting an online proofing solution for your content review and approval process.

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