Creative teams need more than just project management software

Creative teams are tasked with producing a ton of content every day. How will you meet the growing demand for more content, at a faster rate—without compromising quality? 

Discover how your team can improve workflows and accelerate the creative production process with inMotion. It’s not project management, it’s a creative workflow management system that helps teams work more efficiently at each stage of their process, from easier project kick-offs,

simpler progress tracking, easier feedback collection, and faster content approvals. That means less time-solving workflow challenges, and more time producing brilliant creative.

The Business Impact of Creative

In today’s incredibly crowded digital world, the key to cutting through the noise and resonating with consumers is highly-personalized, highly-creative, design-driven content.

Download our infographic and get 13 stats on how today’s creative teams are driving more revenue with creative content.

Take a sneak peak at the stats:

  •  71% of consumers say they will choose a product or service over its competitors because of good design.
  • 85% of teams are under more pressure to create more assets and deliver campaigns quickly.
  • 57% will pay more for a product or service that has good design.

With inMotion you can:

Get Content to Market Faster

An intuitive review environment makes easy to provide feedback on work in progress.

Request new creative work with online forms to make sure projects get kicked-off right.

Get More Done

Keep projects moving forward with tools like resource allocation, automated proof routing, and project templates.

With everything you need to get creative work complete in one place, inMotion can free up 7 hours per week per team member.

Get Better Visibility

See real-time progress on projects, pending requests, and design proofs.

Get key productivity metrics to understand how long projects are taking and where your team is spending their time.

Creative Teams Who Love inMotion

Online proofing has never been easier! Get hands on and mark up print, web, and video content using the intuitive inMotion interface.

See what else inMotion can do:

Follow a marketing and design team as they use inMotion to move a new campaign from concept to completion.

If you’re ready to take a closer look at how inMotion can benefit your team, then schedule a demo with one of our product specialists.

Customer Testimonials

“Before inMotion, the review process could be a nightmare. Using inMotion is actually really fun. I like doing the review process in inMotion! The tool is fun to use.”

VP of Marketing and Creative Services
Bright Horizons

“Rather than investing time and money into developing our own platform, implementing inMotion has allowed us to focus our IT resources on other business challenges.”

Production Manager, Design Group

“If somebody gave me a million dollars to build an application for my team, this is what I would build.”

Creative Systems Manager
Advance Auto Parts