With inMotion, creative and marketing teams can achieve:

inMotion Benefit
inMotion Benefit
inMotion Benefit

Go from request to launch in 5 minutes flat

inMotion's Request Overview

Enable your team and clients to request new work with the click of a button. With custom job request forms you can ensure that you capture all the information you need to get a project started off right.

Shorten your project lifecycle by 85%

inMotion Project Management Oerview

Save 7 hours of work per week per team member. Eliminate inefficient review and proofing methods like email, FTP, and hand delivery and give your stakeholders the easiest review experience they’ve ever had.

Eliminate inefficient approval methods

inMotion's Review Overview

Simplify your project management by automating administrative work, from task creation to time tracking to resource allocation to reporting. With inMotion, you’ll focus on the work that matters and we’ll automate the rest.

Gain transparency with built-in metrics & reporting

inMotion's Reporting & Metrics Features

Gain crucial transparency and accountability with the data captured by inMotion throughout the work management process. You can pull reports on the activities, progress, and hours of a project with the click of a button. You can even set up subscriptions that will run and deliver the reports for you.

Manage project files with storage & DAM integration

inMotion's File & DAM Management Features

Ditch email and FTP attachments with inMotion’s built-in cloud storage. Give every project participant a single place to store and access all project files and proofs. Upload files from Dropbox, WebDAM, Google Drive, Box, and ShareFile. You even have the option to integrate with your company’s DAM system and gain true file control.

See a Use Case: Watch inMotion in action

Follow a marketing and design team as they use inMotion to move a new ad campaign from concept to completion.

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What do our users say about inMotion?

Impressed by how user-friendly and intuitive this software is

“Early adoption from users within our organization has been much easier compared to previous tools we’ve used internally for project management and online proofing.”

Works really well and it's user friendly

“I really like the layout of it and available tools. Works really well and it’s user friendly.”

Automates almost every work step from tasks to proof routing

“This is a great tool for creative teams supporting fast moving companies responsible for lots of content types and serving lots of business units.”

Customer service is super helpful

“The customer service team is super helpful in helping customize the tool for customer needs and helping users discover features”

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